Grow vegetables at home

When you think vegetable garden do you think of open wide spaces with rows and rows of vegetables. It doesn't need to be that way. You can grow vegetables in small cramped spaces and have vegetables all year long. Growing vegetables can be hugely rewarding and economical. Think tomato plants in tubs at the edge of your deck or strawberries in containers on a window sill. Perhaps some lettuce in an old window box or some scarlet runners on a trellis beside your deck or patio.

An area no bigger than your washer and dryer can supply you with vegetables all the time. The trick to gardening in small spaces is proper soil mix, fertilizer and locating plants and seeds that are suitable for small growing spaces. Look for plants that are bush compact or dwarf. Many seed businesses now offer miniature plants to fit the needs of people with restricted space.

Growing vegetables in containers is different than other sorts of gardening. But there are advantages. The advantage of vegetables planted in small containers is that you are able to move them around. Lettuce needs about four hours of sunlight but tomato plants beans need about 8 hours of sunlight. If you live in an area where you have small critters like moles or squirrels container planting is the answer. Another advantage to container gardening is that you are able to treat each plant individually particularly when one plant needs a specific type of soil. Container plants can likewise be moved in doors for the cooler months and you can even grow vegetables all year if you've a grow light and some extra space.

It is easy to produce a man-made light system to have the seeds started. Purchase two 40 watt fluorescent tubes, a warm and cool, from your local hardware outlet. The tubes don't have to be the expensive plant growing tubes. You will have to keep the lighting very near to the seedlings for a least 12 hour a day.

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