How to Plan a Home Vegetable Garden.

Planning a home vegetable garden can be tricky. Gardening is a science, on balance! This article talks over the steps involved in planning a Square Foot Garden, which differ in several important ways from the steps involved in planning a row-based garden.

The first step is to select the vegetables you want to grow, looking at how much space you have obtainable in your vegetable garden. Multiply the length of your garden bed by the width to calculate the accessible planting squares. The "available squares" must not be less than the squares required by the vegetables you decide to grow. To calculate the planting squares required by each vegetable, use the "thin to" spacing requirements on the back of the seed pack and convert as follows:

* 9 squares: "thin to" specification of 24 inches or greater; the plant is placed in the heart of a 9 square block

* 2 squares: "thin to" specification of at least 12 inches, but less than 24 inches; the plant is placed in the heart of a 2 square block

* 1 square: "thin to" specification less than 12 inches

When looking at the complete planting squares required, first calculate how many seeds of each vegetable you will have to plant, established on your harvest objectives. For plants requiring more than one square, multiply the amount of seeds by the squares needed to calculate total planting squares. For plants requiring one square, determine how many seeds can be planted in the square established on the "thin to" requirement: 12 inches = 1 seed, 6 inches = 4 seeds, 4 inches = 9 seeds, 3 inches = 16 seeds. Then calculate the complete number of planting squares needed for these plants in order to reach your harvest objectives. Add the two planting square calculations together, and this is the quantity of space you will need in order to meet your harvest objectives. Adjust as essential to match the space you have in stock.

After selecting the vegetables to plant, the next measure is to work out where to plant each vegetable in your garden. If a garden existed in the same location last year, remember to avoid planting a vegetable from the same group of vegetables in the same location in a three year cycle. Doing so will raise the risk that your garden will become infected with pests or disease.

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